The Skechers’ Controversy

Have you  heard of this?

I’m gonna rant here-

Did these people who are complaining about these shoes being marketed to little girls as young as seven…did they complain when sweatpants for little girls came out that say things like, “cutie pie” and “angel” across the bums of little girls? I taught preschool and would come uncorked (privately, of course) when the little girls would come in with these pants on. Where do the parents think eyes go when these are worn? Do they really want some pervert looking at their childs’ bums????

Sorry. Still makes me mad.

While the Skechers shoes aren’t quite that bold, the message they are sending is pretty clear to me:

“Little girl, it is never too early to be in training to be the next “Housewife of Beverly Hills” (or whatever that show is called now).

Boys won’t find you attractive if you don’t start now!”

And while I’m thinking about it, why do they call them housewives? Have they ever been shown scrubbing a toilet bowl after a child has been sick all night?

I’m just asking here…only one rant per post.

Oh wait, I did two today.

Well. It is MY blog.

What do you think?

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Advanced Style

Luv this site!!


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Let’s Get This Party Started!

I’m Tina and this is my new blog!
Please bear with me while I learn how to use WordPress…hope to have most of it figured out over the weekend.
I have always loved style…trends have their place, but for me, personal style, what you do, say, wear…THAT’S what I love! Not to look like everyone else…but not to look so out of place you freak people out! I want you to say, “she’s confident in her own skin and it shows!”.
And I love coffees.

Good coffees.

Right now, I am partial to Peet’s 🙂


Not so much.

But thank you for asking!

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